Sponsorship Guidelines

Sponsorship is usually a 30 second spot to introduce or follow a Program that you or your company would like to be identified with. This could be a News Service or a specific Program.

For example the most popular spot is around the News Service time slot. The News is usually introduced by a pre-Tag, read by the Presenter, and then the recorded 30 second spot is played following the News. We use the same sequence around a Sponsored Program.

To put a sponsor spot together, you will need to complete a Creative Brief:

Once your Creative Brief is completed a script is prepared and is returned to you for approval. (You may wish to submit your own script eg. a 30 second spot consists of about 75 words).

Once a script is approved, a voice recording with or without background is produced. When the Spot is approved an ‘Authority to Broadcast’ is signed by both parties.

Should you have further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the Station, phone 54821769.

Looking forward to working together,

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